Creating, Simulating, and Debugging SVA Code With Zazz (Article in Design and Reuse, 2014/10/09)


Richard Goering interviews Zocalo’s President

Why DAC? Startups! Joseph Hupcey interviews Zocalo, one of the hottest startups.

DAC Cabbie Taught Me All I Need to Know About Verification Adam Sherer

John Cooley Must See List @ DAC 2010

Bryan Bailey’s Must See List @ DAC

Gary Smith Must See List @ DAC

Brian Bailey Tech Bits– Assertions too difficult to use? Zocalo Attempts to make it easier.

Gabe on EDA

EDA Café


Gabe on EDA – Assertion Based Verification is Alive and Well

Brian Bailey Tech Bites – Review of Zocalo Tech White Paper

Brian Bailey Tech Bites – Assertions From Several Points of View

Zazz Detect & OVL Make Assertions Easy (audio)

ABV: Is there a there there?

Zocalo Tech Execs Speak About Assertion-Based Verification During Free CDNLive! Webinar

Howard L. Martin, Zocalo Tech President, Speaks About Assertion-Based Verification at International SOC Conference

Zona Zocalo: All that Zazz

Zocalo zips assertions with Zazz- EDA Design Line


11/9/10 – Zocalo Tech Forms Technical Advisory Board, Appoints EDA Verification Expert Brian Bailey as Its First Member

11/2/10 – Zocalo Tech Signs IRTG as Rep for Assertion-Based Verification Software

06/04/2010 – Visit Zocalo Tech at DAC, If Assertion-Based Verification Is on Your Radar Screen

4/20/10 – Zocalo Tech Introduces Assertion-Based Verification Capabilities to Improve IP and Electronic Design Quality

06/24/09 – Zocalo Tech Ships First EDA Software Dedicated to Assertion-Library Productivity

02/16/2009 – Zocalo Tech, Inc. Introduces First EDA Tool Dedicated to Assertion Library Productivity


12/10/10 – EDA Tech Forum – An introduction to System Verilog assertions

06/07/2010 – Silicon Valley Residency Not Required –Gabe Moretti

8/05/2009 – The Elephant in the Room – Assertion Checkers

7/13/2009 – EETimes Barriers to Wide Scale acceptance of assertion-based verification

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